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International Conference on Demography Culture and Marketing

International Conference on Demography, Culture, and Marketing (2010)


An Integrated Approach Towards Cognitive Justice

With Special Focus on Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa 
December 14-16, 2010
 Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar (XIMB), India
The conference aims at discussion on how to integrate the fields of demography, culture, and marketing in order to achieve the cognitive justice. Cognitive justice refers to creation of a global order where various knowledge systems are given equal importance to create balanced global order (Shiv Visvanathan, 1998,2009).  Balanced order is a precondition to have sustainability of organizations and society.
This conference is an attempt in the direction where different disciplines merge and thereby create a new force adding vitality to the discussion on 'Sustainable Society and futures'. The conference seeks particpation of community associated with the disciplines of population sciences, cultural studies, and marketing management .
It aims at facilitating discussion towards understanding of sustainability of population, society, organizations, businesses, agriculture, food and other resources, and makes an attempt to unravel the dynamics of risk associated with the current scenario. The current global economic crisis has aggraveted these risks, particularly for people living in Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa.
To create multilogue among public-private partners around
  1. Population
  2. Poverty
  3. Environment
  4. Gender
  5. Health
  6. Education
  7. Society, Risks and Futures

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