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  • We will explore opportunities for international joint degree programs and other kinds of joint programs that will enhance the education of our students, faculty and constituents.
  • We will promote international students experiences through bilateral and multilateral agreements among our institutions to allow the mobility of our students.
  • We will enhance the alumni network of Jesuit school graduates to further add value to alumni graduating from Jesuit colleges and universities around the world. We will seek to accomplish this goal through alumni networking events, educational development programs,   and through advancement efforts to support the alumni’s alma mater and IAJBS.
  • We will seek for the IAJBS web site to become a valued destination and a useful tool for our members and alumni in order to reinforce our network.


  • We will collaborate and share resources virtually. We will develop online programming to enhance access for a diverse global constituent.
  • We will expand our joint focus on issues of global sustainability in the domains of teaching, service, research, and social activism.
  • We will reinforce the collaboration on research fields among our faculty to promote joined intellectual contributions.
  • We will enhance our faculty development through programs that expand knowledge of global issues.


  • We will develop programming to raise the caliber of Jesuit business education worldwide.
  • We will create doctoral programs to increase the number and quality of terminally qualified faculty at Jesuit institutions in the developing world and in underserved communities in the developed world.
  • We will engage alumni in service and social justice issues to benefit the developing and underserved communities and to continue to enhance the development of our alumni as ethical leaders with a world view.


  • We will help to organize regional groupings and meetings among business school deans and will assist in the formation of these groupings as needed.
  • We will develop a “Doing business in….“ seminar program to benefit our faculty, alumni, and business communities.
  • We will develop a mentoring program for deans seeking initial or reaccreditation by AACSB and other accrediting bodies.
  • We will develop a mentoring program for new deans to provide them with access to a network to assist them in their growth and development in this role.


The mission of the IAJBS is to enhance the ability of business school deans and administrators to lead in the creation and transmission of scholarship and knowledge that will prepare students for the profession and vocation of business leadership in a global economy.

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